Flying Lotus, John Legend, Q Tip And RZA React To The Kanye West-Trump Meeting

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Three days ago, Kanye West met with president-elect Trump and I almost choked when I watched the video posted on the New York Times page. First, it’s amazing that these two found a place able to fit both of their egos, then this pat on West’s back at the end of the short clip is simply disgusting. I said this because I have profound disgust for Trump and everything he represents, and I cannot comprehend endorsing him and his policy, but Kanye being friendly with him has to be his worst move ever. In the clip, he doesn’t say much, which, one more time, tells a lot about his mental health. Kanye has basically two modes, the verbal diarrhea mode and the mute mode, and he is definitely on mute here.

‘I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues,’ tweeted Kanye… yeah right, because Trump is interested by something else than himself?

A lot of people are arguing over this meeting, and rightly so! First, Flying Lotus expressed his discontent in a tweet, which has now disappeared: ‘Unfollowed @kanyewest’ including the sign of victory. This tweet owned him a lot of hate as many people tried to justify Kanye’s friendship with the enemy… ‘Beliefs and opinions are fine. I’ve also not been into the work or antics as of late. I’m good,’ tweeted FlyLo as a response. Good for him.

According to NME, John Legend has also expressed his profound disappointment about Kanye West, when he discussed his thoughts about the meeting on the French TV show Clique: ‘I don’t think it’s impossible to talk to him about issues,’ said Legend, ‘but I won’t be used as a publicity stunt. And I think Kanye was a publicity stunt. I’m pretty disappointed with Kanye that he says he would have voted for Trump. I think Trump has been corrosive, his message has been corrosive to the country and I think the things he’s promised to do have been very concerning for a lot of people. And for Kanye to support that message is very disappointing…. Whatever was in his mind, I disagree with him.’

John Legend is right, but who can blame Kanye? One day without his meds and he is totally off rails. However, everyone is taking him so seriously and Q Tip even wants to discuss with Kanye his Trump endorsement. The Tribe Called Quest rapper had to say this on the Bloomberg Politics show: ‘It’s difficult because I love him. That’s my brother, you know what I’m saying? I reached out to him and I’m hoping that we just get to talk. I just probably will leave it there because I really care about that dude. But his remarks are something that require he and I having a real serious discussion.’ How can you seriously discuss anything with Kanye?

But the most surprising reaction may come from RZA. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper recently told TMZ that the meeting was actually a good thing and had to be taken seriously: ‘Trump is the president, so we’re going to have to talk to him, deal with him. Kanye went in to speak for our community. Bong Bong!’

How can he truly believe this? A rich black man, who suffers from serious mental health issues, discussing about the black community’s problems with a rich white man who has recently empowered legions of racist supporters? Kanye can barely face his own problems,… and visibly both men are only interested by their own persona. Looking at the present Trump gave him (a signed copy of Time magazine,… see Kanye’s tweet below) I have no doubt this meeting was just a mutual ego love fest.

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