Fomo Fest 2016 In A Few Pictures

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On Sunday, I have attended another FOMO Fest, the Fear Of Missing Out Fest, and as usual I got the chance to see too many bands for the same day (14 altogether). At the same time it is the chance to see musical acts before they blow up to the next level… The FOMO fest is a recent addition to all these festivals hosted by the Echo/Echoplex, and there are a lot of chances you have never heard of many of the bands on the bill, which doesn’t matter because they all were fantastic!

Each year, I am amazed to see how many unknown talented people there are around me, people coming out of nowhere and performing as if they had years of show business behind them… People so young, it blows my mind every time! There were a few leave-your-jaw-on-the-floor performances, and a bunch of really pretty frontwomen this year.

I got to see the acoustic-electronic Breakfast, the poppy Northern American, the furiously bluesy Ford Madox Ford, the powerhouse Draemings, the eccentric and sweet Veronica Bianqui, the quirky Moon Honey, the very soulful and funny James the Human, the Bombastic Bird Dog, the harmonizing Jim and Sam, the amazingly dangerous Prettiest Eyes, the 70’s-inspired the Molochs, the emotional Miya Folick, the rebellious Cobalt Cranes and the epic Sun Drug, which was too much to digest for the same afternoon, but there’s never enough music.. here are a few pictures, but many more will follow.



Ford Madox Ford


Veronica Bianqui


Moon Honey


Bird Dog


Prettiest Eyes


Miya Folick


Cobalt Cranes


Sun Drug

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