Foo Fighters Million Dollar Demo's Leaked

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Say what you will about Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters but truth be known they have a huge fan following.  Perhaps not as militant and challenged as Bob Seger fans but hardcore just the same.  I like a couple of their songs but I don't buy in to the 'we're just like you' marketing ploy.  Let's face it kids, they aren't like us at all.   They are invited to parties they wouldn't even let you drive by.

The big news (since there is no tour or recording in the outhouse news) is the shocking Demo leak.  Leaks are planned by the way, there isn't some covert operation of guys in ski caps stealing mp3 files and putting them on Youtube.  Nope, they're calculated publicity stunts that you fall for every time. It makes you feel as if you're one step ahead of 'the man', but you aren't.

So heres your massive leaks!  From 2001 these demos were called the million dollar demos since that is what they cost- they just weren't good enough causing the  fourth album "One By One" to be delayed and seeing Dave Grohl bolting to record "Songs For The Deaf" album with Queens Of The Stone Age (and if you buy that I got a bridge for you).


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