For Those Who Thought We Were Done With Michelle Schocked's Story

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I hesitated to write another post about her, because what is happening seems so sad, but this story doesn’t want to end and it's too bizarre to be ignored. In case you haven’t followed the Michelle Shocked saga, let’s just say her upcoming shows have been canceled after a very curious homophobic-god-hates-fag rant she went on during one of her gigs in a San Francisco club. The whole thing was very bizarre as she has admitted to be bisexual in the past, was kind of a gay and lesbian icon, and she said her comments were misinterpreted (?), however a recent religious conversion may explain a lot.


According to the San Francisco Weekly, on Thursday night, Shocked’s stunt got even weirder: she showed up at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, despite the fact her show had been canceled. She was dressed all in white, with a tape across her mouth with the words ‘Silenced by fear’ written on it, and she strummed her guitar while seated on the ground, in front of a few sentences she had written on pieces of paper pinned to a wall. She had even sent a few tweets earlier, inviting people to pick up a sharpie and write on her: ‘Moe’s in S Cruz tonight ok? Its an art project ‘My Summer Vacation’ I want your autograph. Bring Sharpie. ‘ It was even reported that a ‘Gimme wit not spit’ was written on the back of her white suit???


If someone can make sense of this, please be my guest. Does she play the tortured victim, or is she protesting against herself, against her own disastrous behavior? It’s hard to believe it's another publicity stunt, I rather think she has become a mental patient and should find some help before it’s too late.


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