Four New Songs From Two Artists: Childish Gambino And Garth Brooks

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Say What you will about Garth Brooks, the country giant sure does things things his own way, while Childish Gambino, the r&b alter ego of actor of actor Donald Glover  does things as the new normal.

Between June 6th and July 5th,  Garth released two songs off upcoming album on Amazon only, yesterday Childish Gambino dropped two new songs as a double single dubbed Summer Pack. All four songs are the essence of easy going, this is what we do. Childish hit everything at once, all streaming services, youtube, as he follows the politically and culturally brutal “This Is America” with neo-soul sweetness.

The Garth songs would be absolutely mammoth if he wasn’t one part luddite and one part preservationist. Garth has held firm to his decision to only use Amazon to distribute his music. Financially, his sense of control has made him simultaneously very rich and very irrelevant. On “All Day Long,” a terrific stomper he sings “Somebody’s gotta play that county that ain’t ever coming back”  before doing precisely that. Brooks co-wrote “All Day Long” with Bryan Kennedy and Mitch Rossell as an invitation to the party, it crunches and cowers boredom. (Grade: A-).

Childish’s two song EP is very good, both songs are sweet and sexy summer tracks, they are resistance proof hot summer night in the breeze tracks, “Summertime Magic” is a gorgeous come on fueled by a synth hook, “Feels Like Summer” is a boom heavy, slow and dreamy summer hallucination in the hot heat.

Finally, the second of Garth’s two songs, “The Road I’m On” will be the lead off song on his upcoming tour and will be an introduction to the way he visions the touring life, and the living life, as clearly as anything since his return to the music world: a positive vibe beauty inviting you to roll down this highway with him Positive vibes anonymous. (Grade: B+). If Garth would play the distribution game smarter he’d be engulfed in the love and beat out Eric, Brad, Luke, all of them. (Grade: B+)


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