Frances Bean Cobain Still Fighting For Kurt Cobain’s Guitar

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Page Six has another chapter of this crazy Cobain-Lutfi-Silva story, that keeps on producing surprising developments. Last time, we learnt that Frances Bean Cobain was fighting to get her father’s guitar back. She had allegedly given the guitar to her ex-husband Isaiah Silva as a wedding present, and the famous instrument, which is said to worth millions, was the one used by Kurt Cobain during the legendary MTV unplugged session.

According to Page Six, Sam Lutfi, ex Britney Spears’ manager, is once again involved in the crazy story. Lutfi is apparently in the business of threatening Jessica Sullivan, Silva’s ex and the mother of their 7-year-old child Arlo, in order to get her to side with Frances. How insane is this? Lutfi is even threatening to evict Sullivan from her home (purchased by Frances and Isaiah) if she is not cooperating. But if she cooperates, Lutfi told Sullivan Frances would take care of her family until the day she dies.

It’s not clear what kind of info Page Six has obtained but it seems to be some kind of cell exchange between Sullivan and Lutfi, as they are reporting that Sullivan calls her a ‘whore’ and a ‘cunt’ in text messages, adding ‘You are done! You sick bitch’ calling her ‘white trash con artist’.

Page Six has even communicated with Lutfi, who seems to be the vermin on the earth based on what we have learnt about him over the years, and he said he lost his temper because Sullivan ‘recently tried to provoke Frances into killing herself by taunting her about her father’s suicide,’… and he even added that she is ‘an awful human being’… ‘So I told her off’.

Things are really getting ugly, but what is this? Why is this sketchy awful human being manages to get involved in Frances Cobain’s business? I don’t see any other explanation than his close tie with Courtney Love, she has always taken his defense when he was in trouble and he has been her confident for years. But if serious threats like the ones mentioned above were made, why isn’t the police investigating?

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