Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex-Husband Is Suing Courtney Love

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Frances and Isaiah


If you follow the tribulations of the Cobains, you probably know that Isaiah Silva, Frances Bean Cobain’s ex husband, is now suing Courtney Love. And this lawsuit is extremely serious since Silva is accusing his ex mother-in-law of the worst: attempted murder, although the lawsuit also lists ‘burglary, robbery, sexual battery, kidnapping, attempted murder, criminal threats, false imprisonment, extortion, stalking intentional infliction of emotional distress and trespass’.

According to the lawsuit, men (including Love’s business manager Sam Lutfi and actor Ross Butler) broke into Silva’s West Hollywood home and ‘burglarized, robbed, assaulted, sexually battered, kidnapped and attempted to murder him’ during an incident that took place almost exactly 2 years ago.

Six months before their short marriage, Frances Cobain gave to Silva the 1959 Martin D-18E guitar that her father played during his famous MTV Unplugged concert in 1993. During their divorce, Cobain tried to reclaim the famous instrument that she called a ‘priceless family heirloom’, but she wasn’t able to retrieve it and the famous guitar remained in Silva’s possession. The 2016 incident involving Lutfi and Butler was obviously an attempt to get the guitar back.

This Courthousenews site reveals other details of the lawsuit: Lufti, Butler and another guy Yan Yukhtman, banged on Silva’s door pretending to be the LAPD, then dragged Silva out of his home, then, one of Silva’s friends called the police, who arrived on time to prevent a possible kidnapping. But it goes even further, Lufti sent threats to Silva and his family if he didn’t say to the police that this was part of a prank organized by old college friends, which explained why Lufti and his friends got away without any further trouble.

However, Silva filled a police report a few days later, accusing the men of attempting to kill him. Text messages left by Lufti on Silva’s phone, pressuring him to return the guitar, seemed to confirm this feeling: ‘this agreement is your one and only choice, consider it your lifeline.’

Silva calls the story ‘a criminal conspiracy’ and also accuses Lutfi to have been a drug dealer, providing Love and Frances Bean Cobain narcotics and illicit benzodiazepines…

You can think whatever you want of Silva, I realize that a lot of people hate him for being a Cobain wannabe and marrying his only daughter, but this guitar was legally given to him, he didn’t steal it, whereas Lufti is a real scumbag, who has already done a lot of damages in the past…

The term ‘conspiracy’ is important because it will obviously bring to mind another conspiracy involving Love. Those who believe Courtney Love was involved in a conspiracy to kill her famous husband will even find an ally in Silva, who may even be one of them, who knows? On the other hand, those who think the former people are complete nutcases, will necessarily root for Love and Bean’s side. But that’s why this case will be very interesting to follow, as it may bring some light on Courtney Love’s alleged gift for conspiracies to kill people… As for Silva, he got the guitar, and this greatly pissed off Courtney Love, but he has no reason to come up with a fake story to attack a powerful music family. If he is not lying, he actually may have more courage than more people do, and this lawsuit could be a referendum on the truth and Courtney Love’s credibility.

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  1. LTBL

    I hope this is a catalyst for the truth of Courtney’s dirty dealings to come out in the open. The comment by Kurt’s mother in the court filings is extremely revealing. I’m amazed that Frances still associates with her Mother all things considered.


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