Frank Ocean’s Shops Pop Up In 4 Cities, Lucky People Try To Make Big Money On eBay

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Once again, I should have paid more attention to Twitter or other social medias, I may have earned more money in a day than during a few weeks at work! A Frank Ocean pop-up shop was announced by surprise on Saturday afternoon, but I was busy and didn’t know about it. An address in West Hollywood, as well as others in London, Chicago and New York, was posted on Ocean’s website and social media and people who got there on time, received a special package, a physical copy of Ocean’s new album, along with a thick magazine, labeled as ‘Boys Don’t Cry 001’ and featuring contributions – poetry, photos and essays – by artists including Ocean, Kanye West, Wolfgang Tillmans and others.  

The place on Fairfax avenue, which normally houses the Centerfold International Newsstand, was only offering this item for the day, and when I say offering, well, it was 100% free. I can imagine the joy of the fans who were waiting on line and didn’t even know what was the deal about this impromptu pop-up shop, I can imagine their joy when they found out it was the CD of the new album plus this thick magazine. But only 400 copies were given in Los Angeles, making the CD + magazine pack a true collector edition.

I am not a Frank Ocean fan, so it is better that true fans had the chance to receive this special package, but at the same time, many people unavoidably took advantage of such a limited edition, and a lot of them are popping up on eBay at outrageous prices! Asking from $500 to $1,000 for this one or even $2,000 for this other one! Some people are a bit presumptuous it seems, they wait 2 hours on line and want to make easy money, and there are a lot of these on eBay! I do hope nobody spend that amount of money for a magazine…


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