Frank Sinatra’s Back Catalog Needs Work

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I have been working my way through Frank Sinatra’s albums, but the past two releases I’ve looked for, both from 1950, are a nightmare to find. For Dedicated To You, I found a version on youtube after being unable to locate it anywhere else except expensively on vinyl on ebay. For Swing And Dance With Frank Sinatra, I didn’t feel comfortable with the version I tracked down on youtube, so I bought the CD on Amazon where, amazingly, they are manufactured to order.

How anything Sinatra recorded can be left to chance is beyond alarming. Every single one of his nearly sixty albums should have a box set version including outtakes and contemporary live performances, and a review by someone like Gary Giddens. It is cultural vandalism to ignore him and it is irresponsible to wait till his contemporaries are all dead.

Both Miles Davis and Elvis Presley have catalogs in very good shape, but James Brown? George Jones? Louis Armstrong? It is horrendous, a nightmare, unacceptable. It would be unacceptable if there was no money in it, but these artists have enormous fan bases who are just waiting for somebody at, I dunno, maybe Columbia, to get to work on it, contact all the various licensees, dive into the vaults, and bring us these albums in the best and most complete and best sounding versions possible. It is owed to art, to culture, to music lovers, to the USA.  And to me.

I only just decided that Swing And Dance isn’t in good enough condition on Youtube to be reviewed, so bear with me till Amazon decide to manufacture me a copy.


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