Frank Turner Live at Wembly "Photosynthesis", Reviewed

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I don’t remember the last time I cried while watching a live video of a musician.  I don’t even shed a tear for Oberst that often anymore.  You grow as a fan to just accept the awe and allow it to fuel your love, but not make you as emotional as it first did.

Frank Turner’s performance of “Photosynthesis” live at Wembly from when he headlined it is on YouTube, and I just stumbled upon the video.  I am a fan of the tune, because it’s upbeat and stands out from his others and is an anthem of staying young.  Not necessarily a tear-jerker, right?  Wrong.  The performance alone sent shivers down my spine and made me realise that Frank Turner is a way bigger deal than people know.

It was his last song of the night, in an arena absolutely freakin’ filled with people.  As soon as he said, “we’re all gonna count to four together!” and the crowd just roars, I just lost it.  I didn’t quite do much but smile real hard, until he reached the lyric, “I’m happy and I’m settled in the person I’ve become.”  I started to cry then.  I don’t know what it is, but you can genuinely feel the emotion as he sings this and I feel it to, it gives the sense like he’s singing to me.

With the chorus, the crowd went mad.  “I won’t sit down, and I won’t shut up.  Most of all, I will not grow up.”  Turner is 31 now, and clearly grown up.  However, he’s not one of those stupid guys who tries to act like they’re a teenager and make stupid decisions.  As mature and grown up as he really is, he refuses to give in to the conformities and norms of being an “adult”, which I will forever admire.

This video is just beautiful.  Seeing the band’s energy and passion amongst the thousands and thousands of people reacting in the crowd is just so crazy to see.  It left me speechless and I found myself wanting to cheer along with the crowd that was there, and all I wanted was one more song.

Frank Turner is a genius.


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