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I went to the Boston Calling Music Festival on the 25th- well, not exactly.  I arrived just in time for the end of The Shins’ set, and then Marina and the Diamonds came on- eh.  However, I was excited to see fun.

Though I was once shaking from the bitter cold, the crowd packed in and I quickly warmed up.  I was insanely close to the front- much closer than I ever imagined being.  When the lights went down, I was shaking again, but this time out of excitement.  I had spent nearly the past twenty four hours listening to their stuff.  It was my first time seeing them live and I couldn’t believe it was really happening.  The crowd’s excitement didn’t even cause pushing forward- everyone was surprisingly kind, and I didn’t get squished at all- and I had a clear view of the stage.  Holy crap.

The band came on and I nearly burst into tears.  Opening up with “Out On The Town”, the look on my face must’ve been stupid cos I couldn’t stop “WOOOOOO”ing and singing along.  “I set all my regrets on fire, cos I know I’ll never take the time to unpack my missteps and call all of our friends- I figured they would take your side” were the first words of the night and Nate’s voice filled the massive space, packed beyond belief.  How packed? about 20,000 people- and I was one of ’em.  I wish there was a way to express how loud the crowd was singing along, but let’s just say they nearly surpassed the band’s volume and they adjusted it.

The band played “All The Pretty Girls” and it was an absolute dance party.  fun.’s talent filled the air and pretty much took us all over; the harmonies were spot-on, which surprised me.  This was more than just some band- these were performers.  I loved how there were more musicians than just the three in the band- they had horns and more guitars and everything that they needed; it was a show, and the added elements made the music part of it sound just like how it does on the albums.

Nate said, “repeat after me” and sang “oh oh oh”, and “oh woah” (you have to listen to the song in order to get it), but when the crowd did sing back to him, he had to step back and nearly admire the crowd.  He was smiling so hard I thought he was going to cry.  My breath caught in my throat when I realised what song they were about to do- “At Least I’m Not As Sad”.  This is the song that made fun. one of my favourite bands, and made them very influential to me and my life.  The lyrics are beautiful and the vocals were better than on the recording.  I sang so loud that when I was “woo”ing after it ended, my voice was scratchy and it was almost lost.  It was the highlight of my evening, being able to just let go like that.

“Barlights” was flawless, and there was confetti! It was insanely fun and I also didn’t expect them to play this either.  However, it was, once again, totally perfect.  I hadn’t expected the band to do too much off of Aim and Ignite, but it was a pleasant element for those who were a fan before “We Are Young” came out.

The band did two covers- “Me and Julio Down by the School Yard” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, both of which were well-received by the crowd.  It was adorable, especially with the trouble with the trumpet that Nate was using to make fun of Andrew with.  “It’s too cold; my fingers are frozen…I didn’t even know this song had a horn solo” followed by Nate’s “it doesn’t”.  It was adorable- Andrew saying, “don’t judge me based on this…I didn’t go to Berklee”.  After the song was over, Nate made the remark, “It’s okay, they still have room with you at BU”.

The encore songs were “Some Nights” and “Stars”, which were great, but nothing topped how earlier before the encore, Nate said “this is the biggest show we ever played…on our next tour, the first place we are coming is Boston.”  The crowd reception was intense, excited. Everyone there freaking loved the band and you could sense the fanaticism, and I would say more than half the crowd knew every word to every song.  This made me intensely proud, like fun. had really made it- and they have.  The band has grown to be a supergroup without selling out, which is hard to do.

This was one of the best shows I’ve seen- and, as hard as it is to say, I believe it tops Fall Out Boy at Skate and Surf.  Crazy, I know, but for me it was ten times as meaningful.  I walked away humming to myself, thinking, “at least I’m not as sad as I used to be.”

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