fun. Music Video "Why Am I The One" Reviewed

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Today I heard the news that fun. released a music video for their song "Why Am I The One".  After almost dropping my phone out of excitement, I was super eager to see what the boys had done this time.  Their music videos are always great, and this was no exception. First off, the cinematography is beautiful.  The equipment they used was crystal clear, the lighting was really nice, and artistically, every frame could stand on its own as a photograph- that's rare, and I loved it.  I watched it a couple of times out of awe, and rewound certain parts.  It's absolutely brilliant; the camera angles aid the story so well.

What seems to be the conflict here is the band has lost an important suitcase.  As we follow said suitcase's journey, we realise that whatever inside is immensely valuable- it's bought at a pawnshop, fought over in poker, and it's constantly being picked up.  Eventually, it makes its way back to the guys and a guitar and a keyboard are in it; the entire search was for their equipment.  This could be symbolic of the fact that they’re nothing without their instruments, and that’s what makes them so happy once they see it- they’re glowing when they come across it again.  It’s either that or they missed making music, because making music is their lives.  Nevertheless, it’s a pretty cool message that’s portrayed in a clever way.

As for the song, it’s one of the better tunes off of Some Nights.  Even though I’m not crazy about that album, I appreciate the bridge of Aim and Ignite having the tune “I Wanna Be The One” and Some Nights having “Why Am I The One”; it’s super cute.  Nate’s voice is really what drives it, and rightfully so.  It really shows off his beautiful almost-vibrato voice, and that quality is rare and spine-chilling.  There’s nothing I love more than when Ruess’ vox reaches that point where it’s a little scratchy and feels like it might break- it’s what makes him so fantastic.  That capability makes the song really addictive and gorgeous.  The instruments in the background are intricate; upon first listen, you don’t pick up on the subtleties of the guitar and the way there’s an almost acoustic-sounding layer, and you don’t notice a lot of the sounds that are more electronic until you really play it loud.  It’s the kind of talent that keeps you on the edge of your seat and gives you that lump in your throat.

fun. can do no wrong, and the video for “Why Am I The One” is one of the best videos they’ve released, and absolutely is the best one for the album.  Wow these guys are talented.


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