Funk Master Tomas Doncker On Robert Plant

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I suppose in terms of Robert Plant’s  own universe…Nothing different here. But in terms of  NEW MUSIC-quite a bit…It’s funny, but as much as you know about music (and as much as you accurately analyze it,and appreciate it!)- you will never know just how hard it is to “Capture Lighting In A Bottle”…I suppose most of the listening audience (Note the word: “Listening”) doesn’t care…Ok, I get that-No one REALLY wants to know HOW YOU DID IT-They just want to be blown away…EVERY TIME!

I get that…

What Mr. Plant & Co. seem to have figured out on Carry On is a meeting place of “Ecstatic Trance” and Post-Delta influenced blues Rock-That place where Marrakesh & Clarksdale meet…I suppose it’s what late Zeppelin was reaching for, but never really quite achieved (Mostly because of the death of John Bonham).

Beautiful and interesting music, true to his own unique voice…😊

Plant has become a TRULY GREAT SINGER…Wow…❗️

Mostly I’m just happy that one of my heroes is still making Vibrant music.

I should have never taught you the word-SUSPECT!!!

As far as modern pop & Rap are concerned-On the pop side the best of it is stuff like Bleachers, and the rap/Hip Hop stuff is dead…At least until Uncle Kanye decides to break out of the Loony  Bin…


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