Fur Dixon At The Echoplex, Sunday June 3rd 2018

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Fur Dixon


Fur Dixon has had a long and prolific music career, to start, she was the first bassist to appear on stage with the legendary Cramps, and was part of their 1986 UK tour ‘A Date With Elvis Tour’. Beside this, you can add to her rock pedigree the fact that she was in the Whirlybirds (she played on their first 7″ single when she was just 21) and co-founded the Hollywood Hillbillys with her husband Gary Dickson, while and a few on-stage chickens were often their band mates.

Fur was a badass bass player for the Cramps’ European tour and got to be known for that sexy fur-lined bra complemented by a bunny tail, but instead of staying with the Cramps after their 60-date tour, she left the famous band to front her own rock ‘n’ roll bands throughout the ’90s: The Dixons then Blow Up, before exploring the Americana and folk music scene.

Fur has never really stopped playing and making music but she is back with a new band and the most intriguing/controversial moniker, WTFUKUSHIMA, but featuring a killer lineup: Dusty Watson (The Sonics, Slacktone) on drums, Paul Roessler (Gitane Demone Quartet,The Screamers, 45 Grave) on bass/keyboards, Dave Provost (Dream Syndicate) on bass, and Bernard Yin (Fuzztones, BellRays) on lead guitar.

Their debut album is slated for release in 2018, but, on Sunday, she gave a preview of her music at the Echoplex, during a memorial honoring the memory of Henry William Peck, the celebration of a very special hairdresser (and much more), beloved by many people of the punk rock community

Fur Dixon stands tall with her blue hair and piercing eyes, and she definitively looks like a rockstar you would want to know. After a beautiful Acapella rendition of Nat King Cole’s ‘Nature Boy’, she rocked the house despite the sadness of the ambiance.

‘Daydream Walking’ sounded like a noir ardent ballad for our next HBO fiction-western series, while all set long she had this powerful howl occasionally going into wild screams. With a touch of outlaw Americana in the guitar, her interesting songs rocked a real sexiness while revealing a romantic passion in the melodies. ‘Cod’ine’, that she sang in duo with a friend, sounded almost familiar in its soaring hotness, while other songs did unleash a real wilderness with bluesy guitars and her voice, sugar coating or whipping the melodies like a badass gang leader .

I guess you could hear many influences in her very short set which did certainly make everyone wanting for more…Ex-Cramps bassist Fur Dixon is still making music and it’s damn good

Nature Boy
Daydream Walking
Baby’s On Fire
Sugar Sweet

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