FYF Fest And Goldenvoice: It’s Over

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Attendees of the FYF fest in 2013


I can say I have seen the beginning of the FYF fest, when it was a small free festival at the Echo and Sea Level Records in the early 00s, I saw its amazing growth in just a few years, going bigger each time, with its installation in Chinatown’s Los Angeles State Historic Park in 2009, to its final and present location at LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park in 2014. Over the years, the festival went from 1 day to 2 then 3 and the lineup became more ambitious and diverse, going way beyond its punk origins to embrace about everything from pop, rock to hip hop and R & B.

In 2010, after a few logistic problems, including a shortage of water on a very hot day, not enough bathrooms or food trucks, the FYF fest entered into a long-term partnership with Goldenvoice. Since that time, the festival never stopped growing with a lineup more and more first class each year, including (in no particularly chronological order) Kanye West, Missy Elliott, Solange, Nine Inch Nails, LCD Soundsystem, Grace Jones, Iggy Pop, Björk, Frank Ocean, Morrissey… and many others.

However, things are changing, according to the LA Times, the Goldenvoice-FYF fest team seems over. In an email obtained by the Times, Goldenvoice head Paul Tollett said: ‘Effective immediately, Goldenvoice has ended its relationship with Sean Carlson. We’re evaluating our path forward as it relates to FYF Fest. Please have your agents direct all matters regarding Coachella booking directly to me.’

Sean Carlson, who is the FYF fest founder, has so far declined to comment on the news. The partnership was going beyond the summer festival, as FYF presents and Goldenvoice were regularly teaming up for a lot of shows in the LA area all year long, and, as everyone knows Goldenvoice runs Coachella as well as a great deal of all the major concerts happening here.

I just know one thing, before its association with Goldenvoice, the FYF fest was cool. Yes it had its problems, yes people got thirsty and hungry and not everything was not running smoothly, but the fest was not taking itself too seriously, it had a DIY vibe and I didn’t need a photo pass to bring my camera. Then, things changed as soon as Goldenvoice entered the game, it turned into a major festival with big heads like Frank Ocean, Kanye and Solange and they never let me use my camera again.

I don’t know what is the future of the FYF fest, I don’t know if rules will change again.. or not? We shall see.


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