Gene Simmons Latest Hair Brained Scheme- TV Take Two

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Gene Simmons is a carnival huckster.  A right out snake oil salesmen who can milk a quarter out of a penny and has no shame at all.  This being said he is smart as hell and creates a business out of a band that is so far past prime its actually cool again.

He had a reality show "Family Jewels" and I wont lie- it was somewhat entertaining and his son was pretty darn cute.  But as with all reality TV it got statle fast and suddenly no one cares if Shannon is having her vagina tightened (no lie-legit episode, look it up)

So its time for a new show!  This one called 'Busted", wait the premise of this one is so lame I cant imagine more than 4 episodes.  Similar to the MTv Hit 'Punked' the show will make practical jokes a nightly past time.  The twist?  Ahh, here is where the lame comes in- its rock stars only.

Wait thats not lame!  Whats lame is that Gene Simmons will be on tour with these 'rockstars' and with hidden camera  Simmons, "goes on tour with some of the biggest bands in the world and gives audiences an all-access pass to backstage practical jokes,"

"When you're on tour, you get bored," Simmons told MIPBlog about the show in a new video interview. "And when you get bored, pranks happen", he teased, before telling one tale of a poor roadie who got his birthday cake laced with laxative.

C'mon- what the flying hell is that and who in their right mind would tour with that old coot anyway? Do we really want to see Mark McGrath or Nickelback throw up from being fed ipecac? 

Hey someone will buy it, someone already has!  Hey ya never know what Shannon will need tightened next.


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