Get Fired Like a Rock Star

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Twitter is where its at and if your’e still chillin’ on Facebook you’re so last year.  If you cant say it in 120 characters no one cares so make it fast, make it precise and move along.This is why it’s the best way to can an employee, or a band mate. 

Dave Lombardo found out that he was no longer the drummer for  Slayer on Thursday when the band announced that their new drummer was Paul Bostaph. Lombardo had been let go by the group in February in a contract dispute but he had been holding out hope that it would be resolved and he would return.  Apparently not.

Lombardo originally squeaked saying he wasn’t earning enough to pay his rent and utilities and wanted a pay increase.  He then left for the birth of his daughter then the contract bit.  Seems he did a lot of leaving- and the band had enough.

But he didn’t get a call and according to Lombardo himself Twitter was the messenger.  When the new drummer announcement went up Hundreds responded   including one fan who asked ‘did you even hear from them or did you just read it online like the rest of us?’ To which he responded ‘Online.’


I like when people respond to Tweets.  I screamed like a fan girl when Art Brut answered my query.  But I really love using Twitter in this manner.  Break up with your girl, disown your children all via Tweet. Its better than a text because everyone can be a part of it.  I say let’s keep it this way.

Oh and follow us while you’re at it, maybe I’ll get fired soon!! @_rocknyc_.


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