"Get Lucky" Passes 100 Million Streams On Spotify

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Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” is as close as the brave new world of music listening to as we are gonne see: it is the new paradigm.

Spotify announced that “Get Lucky” has been streamed over 100 million times in 55 countries. That’s the other side of streaming, when you hit, and the track has been watched on Youtube 111 Million times as well, the effect is number that dwarf mp3 sales.

The question then becomes what constitutes a smash and what happens when it is smashed. At $6,000 per million views, that would seem to work out to $6M. Not peanuts, true, but nobody is retiring on six mil in the immediate future.

The truth is, it is very very hard to make money any way, the 2009 recession killed it, but it is even harder for musicians who are getting banged up every which way they turn. How do you make money in this business?? What’s the secret?

Daft Punk got an indelible Niles Rodgers guitar line and rode it but once the horse stop there is no one to climb down. The next largest streamer on Random Access Memories was streamed 15 Million times aka $90,000. So now what? How high can the highest get to?

Lady Gaga’s most popular Spotify song (“Bad Romance”) $372,000. Katy Perry? “E.T.” $258,000, Beyonce , $282,000.

Apparently, it is gonna be hard to make money in this brand new world.


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