Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 2-17-17 – 2-23-17

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Love Incredible – Cashmere Cat, Camila Cabello – Camila is in ascendance after “Bad Things” with Machine Gun Kelly broke pop. This has a distractingly bizarre coda but not much else – C+

Roses – BJ The Chicago Kid – There is only one Chicago Kid right now, of course, but this alt r&b track is harmless enough – B-

My One And Only – Bob Dylan – I love all of Bob Dylan’s Sinatra covers and can’t  wait for Triplicate. This is really splendid. Dylan said: “I am finding these great songs to be a tremendous source of inspiration that has led me to one of my most satisfying periods in the studio. I’ve hit upon new ways to uncover and interpret these songs that are right in line with the best recordings of my own songs, and my band and I really seemed to hit our stride on every level with Triplicate.” – B+

Dirty Laundry – All Time Low – Emo with EDM production – C

How Would You Feel (Paean) – Ed Sheeran – The equal of “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You”. You know, the Dylan song Van Morrison (and Rod Stewart) made big, and Van could cover it. “It’s just something that I want to do”? How wonderful and off hand and deep a way to explain why you want to tell someone you love them – A

It AIn’t Me – Kygo, Selena Gomez – The former Sting wannabe still sucks with this dance love song… that chorus is painful – D+

Nimble Bastard – Incubus – Fair to middling hard rock – B-

Love – Lana Del Rey – Loved it the first coupla spins but it wore off, not bad typical Lana dark ballad – B

Next Time – Laura Marling – Folkie singer songwriter, it’s been four years since “Where Can I Go” and the genius has gone though the technique remains – B

Heavy – Linkin Park, Kiiarra – Dies on the bridge on this he said she said  – C

Cold – Maroon 5, Future – A real dog this time – C-

Can I Sit Next To You – Spoon – Nothing much blues but a neato lick underlines it – C+

Help – Papa Roach – “I think I need help, I’m drowning in myself…” D+

Nobody Else But You – Trey Songz – Godawful r&b – D+


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