Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 2-3-17 – 2-9-17

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Falling  – Alesso – The blandest DJ on earth, also pretty darn popular, just has no soul at all. Also, who is singing it? – D+

Beauty And The Beast – Ariana Grande And John Legend – Worst cover ever? Ariana Grande and John Legend’s “Beauty And The Beast” oversing so badly it rids the lovely song of everything that makes it great. Angela Lansbury wishes she was dead so she could perform somersaults in her grave – D-

Some Kinda Wonderful – Betty Who – Party on EDM pop track – B-

Fun – Blondie – Nondescript Blondie track and why has Debbie produced all the character out of her voice? No fun disco – C

Where’s The Revolution – Depeche Mode – Really, the day the world needs to be lectured in such a bland and stupid manner by Depeche Mode is the day we give up all hope indeed – D

Way You Are (featuring Monty) – Fetty Wap – Fetty’s best song since 2015 doesn’t do much, it is just a slice of pop Trap, but it does it well – B

Believer – Imagine Dragon – The soundtrack to a new Nintendo game, is it even worth trashing the sucker? – D

Swish – Kid Ink, 2 Chainz – I knew he was gay, I just knew. Hooky hook, right? – B-

Tranquillo – Lupe Fiasco, Rick Ross, Big K.R.I.T. – Everything Lupe’s got and more thrown at this very good rap, Ross sounds, dare I say it soulful. Plus it’s just more drugs and stuff (rhymes with kilo) so screw peace. With the right video it might break pop – B+

Big Picture – London Grammar – Sounds like English folk without the skill set to sell it strongly enough – C+

I Don’t – Mariah Carey, YG – I quite like the mix of harsh and sweet – B-

Feed The Machine – Nickelback – I so wanted to like this, just out of contrariness. If only they were Nickel Creek – D

Hey Bébé – Rhiannon Giddens – The second great song off her upcoming album, Freedom Highway, sets her sights on, could it be, the album of the year? If ever there was any doubt let’s be clear, Rhiannon is a real deal soul Americana woman. The sax and the banjo and Rhiannon’s swing all adds up to a Creole inspired masterpiece – A

I’d Rather See Your Star Explode – Slaves – Post hardcore goes dance, those are some kinda drums behind this song – B-

Stay In The Dark – The Band Perry – I remain not even slightly convinced by this country pop band, come home Lady Antebellum all is forgiven. Man, they even made Taylor sound crappy – C

Easy As It Seems – The Mavericks – Not unpleasant bossa nova – B-

BagBak – Vince Staples – Cmon man -Vince has written very well about poverty but when your hook goes “suck a dick” maybe your rat-a-tat needs a bit more work. The verses leading up are terrific – B

My Old Man – Zac Brown Band – “my old man, feel the callous on his hand…” Wow, talk about unearned pathos – D+



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