Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 6-2-17 – 6-8-17

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4 AM – 2 Chainz, Travis Scott – Nice self-portrait verses and terrific chorus –what more to do you want? – B+

Everything Now – Arcade fire – The little indie band that could have always had a nasty egocentric underside as well as a taste for the almighty dollar, shown here through naming their first song on their new Sony contract for the company that signed em. To make matters worse, it is a terrific Reflektor like analogish dance track, a mover and shaker rock record. Lord help us all – A-

Mary – Big Thief – “It’s about childhood being brought to life and reignited after the slush of the teenage years. There’s just a little capsule of a song that allows me to revisit all these colors and pictures and textures and feelings. There’s a few lines where I realized that sometimes it’s easier on this journey for me to give love and kindness and tenderness and empathy to those I really care for … and sometimes a little more challenging to direct it inwardly and give it to myself. And when I first wrote the song I thought I was definitely writing it all about this dear friend and these experiences — and that time folded into other memories and just like a non-linear stream of life — but then later I started realizing in listening to it that a lot of the lines were applicable to myself, and things that I needed to hear.” Adrianne Lenker said that and the shocking thing is that she’s right. This gorgeous piano based song is so lovely and deep and true, you’d swear it was Iris Dement – A

Lady B. Goode – Chuck Berry – There are three outstanding songs on the upcoming album and this is one of them, the third of the Goode songs and just as good as “Bye Bye Johnny” if not the first and still great “Johhny B.”  Exemplary first tier Berry – A

To The Max – DJ Khaled, Drake – Terrific, percolating Klhaled built beats and Drake being Drake – B+

2 Fingers Of Whiskey – Elton John And Jack White – Sounds like a Honky Chateau outtake, I think Jack should do an album with the great man – A-

Down – Fifth Harmony, Gucci mane – Guc takes the money and runs on this lame affair – C

Run – Foo Fighters – Just awful, riff based rock blithering dramatic bullshit – D

If You Need To, Keep Time On Me – Fleet Foxes – as thrilling as lukewarm soup, tell em to have a shave and a haircut and stop annoying me – C-

Adios – Glen Campbell – The difference between Bowie’s “Blackstar” and Glen’s “Adios” is that Bowie responded to his imminent death as art in the face of annihilation and Glen as art as the final act of his Americana dream. There is a comfort to Campbell’s world, David is all dark horror and Glen is peaceful adieu, David sees it as a coffin slamming hut and Glen as a stroll reaching its destination. They are both right, of course – A

Arkansas Farmboy – Glen Campbell – A few more stories left to tell – B+

Lights On – H.E.R. – Mediocre r&b – C+

Enemy, love. John Mark McMillan – If you don’t think you wanna punch him in the nose listening to this singer songwriter drag, read what he has to say about his daughter and that should do it – D+

This Is It – Lo Moon – They didn’t impress me live and this indie buzz band are tedious on record – C

Perfect Places – Lorde – Excellent sex song – A-

I’m Better (feat Eve, Lil Kim, Trina) – Missy Elliott – A little slow by Missy’s standards – C+

Another Love Song – Ne-Yo – One of the top voices in r&b, but he never quite manages to pull it off on record because of generic soul like this – B-

Goodbye Soleil – Phoenix – So what happens when the next album tanks and if this song is anything to go by, it sure will? They’ll go on tour – C

I Promise – Radiohead – This is the wow zowee OK Computer leftover? Second rate but at least not experimental – C

Whither – Shakey Graves – Nothing much Americana – C

Broken Clocks – Sza – Still patiently waiting for her to live up to expectations – C+

Holding On – The War On Drugs –  Hold out for the vastly superior “Thinking Of A Place” – B-

It’s Sunny – TLC – I know Georgie Fame’s “Sunny”, but this rewrite is harmless enough – C+


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