Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 8-25-17 – 8-31-17

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They All Called ‘Em Gary – Alan Fitzpatrick – School of techno UK style – B-

Stand Up For Something – Andra Day And Common – Why is soul so difficult to replicate in 2017? Another nothing much, and Common never helps – C

Think Before I Talk – Astrid S – have you ever seen a picture of Astrud? Has a woman ever looked more like an Astrid from Norway , ever? This is pretty but vapid dance pop – B-

Dear Life – Beck – Piano based rocker, like he is Elton John or something – B

In A Song – Black Kids – The voice is the same but the feel isn’t there any more – C+

Real Love – Blanca – Blue eyed soul, works for me – B

Girlfriend – Busta Rhymes – Busta is back, he has that patois intact though the song  isn’t as busy as you might like, is a little whatever – C+

Full Of Faith – Cody Carnes – CCM, of course – C

Over Everything – Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile – As his buddies in the War On Drugs go through their major label throttle, Kurt sounds like Lou Reed while Courtney sounds like, to be honest she sounds like Lou Reed as well. and that’s really swell on this twangy classic rock folkie workout – SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A-

Legendary -deadmau5. SCOTTY HORROH – Pretty good electronica plus rap – B

Tell Me You Love Me – Demi Lovato – She is only 22 years of age, but it feels like she’s been rehabbing for a decade – C+

You Already Know (Feat Nicki Minaj) – Fergie – There is nothing more old fashioned than the immediate past, this sounds like 2012 – C

Hungry (feat Rick Ross) – Fergie – This adds trap and Ross to the story, an improvement – B-

The Sky Is A Neighborhood – Foo Fighters – Foo gets its Zep on, a bluesy track, and it is abysmal – D

SW9 9SL – Four Tet – First rate techo – B+

Provider – Frank Ocean – Why did Frank mess with his perfect vocal by adding effects? – B-

Temporary Feeling – Hannah Ellis – Singer songwriter from Kentucky knocks off a sweet one – B

You Can’t Control It – Jack Johnson – There’s a difference between easy and empty, this weird little techno take on his surf and snooze is pretty dreadful – C

Run For Me – JD And The Straight Shooters – Blues disaster – D

Wait – JP Cooper – The verses are pretty in a quiet soulful way, the chorus is a bomb, and the bridge is ace – C+

Incapable – Keyshia Cole – Top vocal, great soul song -this is the real deal, soul as it should be – B+

Czech One – King Krule – Long time fave adds an ambient glow to his dark sound and slow moving beats – B

No Flag – London On Da Track, Nicki Minaj – A little obvious but he works well with Nicki -I think Minaj is simply better with guys – B

Light It Up – Luke Bryan – He has lost it as a joyful spring recess dream, this is too dark for its own good – C+

Pizza – Martin Garrix – Classical tech fusion – B-

Sky Walker – Miguel, Travis Scott – Two years after “The Valley” and Miguel is no longer The Weeknd only better, this is a dog – C

Always Been You – Quin XCII –  kinda good reggae plus Power Tools – B-

Still Believe In Crazy Love – Ryan Kinder – Atrocious country song – D+

Cheers – Sleeping With Sirens – Melodic hardcore that isn’t melodic or hardcore – D

Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift – It took days for it to click all the way, but its strange three part construction  clicks in. Of course, the pleasures of pop should be immediate – A-

Day I Die – The National – On what looks like it might well be a disastrous new album,  the fourth song and the first irresistible winner, a moody rock and roll brilliant sheen of layered sound – B+

Walk On Water – Thirty Seconds To Mars – Blah would be glammy bore – C

War – grandson – Nice beats but the rock elements suck – C+

Aeronaut – William Patrick Coogan – Downer Americana singer songwriter, the strings are a nice touch – C+

People Say (Feat Redman) – Wu Tang Clan – Wu as usual, enter the has been – C


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