Groupon Giving Discount To Friday August 30th, 2013 Electric Circus

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It is getting to the point where you might be better of waiting till the last second to buy a ticket to a Festival. This is the second row in a year Electric Zoo NYC have killed their pricing. The Friday October 30th general Admission ticket prices have been crucified from a buck 65 to sixty six bucks. That’s a saving of 40% on the nose.

Now, that doesn’t effect Saturday and Sunday (Saturday is easily the keeper of the Labor Day weekend) and it doesn’t effect VIP tickets, but what it does is make it affordable for young people and it also makes a sucker of everybody who paid the big bucks

I wasn’t expecting a sell out but I was expecting sales strong enough to make next years audience think they’d be better off waiting. Saving $100 –that’s pretty big if he average fans are straight out of college and on to their first job girls and the boys who want to fuck em.

That will get you Avicii, Knife Party and St. Benny of Benassi and a cast of dozens upon dozens for $66 –you gotta admit that is kinda sick.

Me? I’m going Saturday (VIP tix for knocking on $260) because of David Guetta first and foremost, but also Tiesto, Bassnectar, Boyz Noize and A-Trak; my bet is they will all be DJing at the same time.

Groupon is a good idea but it makes Festival going even more of a toss up than it usually is. Will there be a discount? Will it be the day I want? I once read a suggestion where the concept of ticket sales should be reverse. You sell heavily discounted tickets for the first week and then raise the price, in effect you should reward those who make an early decision instead of the other way round: it’s like saying to your fans, “hey sucker, we prefer those who don’t much like us”. By overpricing yourself at the get go, you force those who want to see you not to see you. You become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Remember when you couldn’t get a ticket for the  Jets, or the Knicks, or even the Yanks for that matter. They got greedy, or rather, they pushed the prices as far as they could take em.

I remember rushing to Ticketmaster at the old HMV back in the 1990s, hovering up last minute tickets to Knicks even though MSG box office was two blocks away because I wanted to beat at those folks on line.

I wouldn’t do it today, I promise you that. Hell, I remember paying $80 for seats ten rows behind home plate for what would turn out to be David Cone’s perfect game, Sunday, July 19, 1999. Today that ticket would cost me $1500.

By the way, all three day passes are sold out.


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