Groupon have your $17 Ticket To Deep Purple

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Check this out from Groupon, every Jones Beach and more than a few PNC gigs have their prices slashed, and slashed again. With all the constant touring, the market can’t sustain the prices and what hs occurred is a huge gulf between the front row meet and greeters and the nosebleeders, thereby cutting out ticket brokers.

Some of these prices are substantially cheaper than going to a 3D movie, it is as if nobody wants them and because of that the success-failure rate isn’t cleared.

It is hard to tell who is winning or losing till you sit down and do the math. For instance, it feels as though Taylor Swift is losing but I have little doubt this will be her financially most successful though not a touch on her 1989 Arena tour which sold the lot out. The fact remains that if your top ticket went from $250 to $1000, you can survive selling half your tickets and still be ahead of the game.

Meanwhile… enjoy the cheap tix nosebleeds


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