Guess Famous Rockstars’ Baby Pictures

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Pleasekillme published an adorable post more than a year ago, and I can’t resist reposting some of their pictures, because who doesn’t like baby pictures? Especially when we are talking about rockstars’ baby pictures, which are always a must see. Of course the first one (the picture above) is Keith Richards, but try to recognize the ones below, they all look adorable and are all iconic musicians! Some babies are much more easier to figure out than others, I immediately recognized a few of them like Jagger, Bjork, Ringo, Janis, Elton, but was not very sure for the others, it’s true that the age makes a big difference and while tiny babies look all the same, toddlers already have a personality.

There is so much talent on this page that it is ridiculous, The names are below the pictures, but let’s just say that Kate Bush was already a babe, David Bowie was such a cute and smiling baby, Bob Dylan was surprisingly cheeky, GG Allin, well was already GG Allin, and even though the picture is in black and white but I would recognize Iggy’s eyes anywhere… Freddie and Jimi are obviously easy to figure out too.

4eb1a75e-4a6c-4ccd-9e85-0cddcdbab12d DM (WE) 10-11-2001 P. 20 Mick Jagger, age 10, at Wentworth County School with friends. article-1296376-0A82F9D6000005DC-544_306x423 article-1296376-0A8393E3000005DC-709_306x423 Alice Cooper, heavy metal singer and musician is pictured as a young boy. cas0-025 cathy17-2 david-bowie-young elton-john-childhood-photo full iggy-pop-baby-picture 2jcwzzp Little-Freddie-Mercury janis_child_01 tumblr_inline_nb5vqnBwn41stvj0q


Mick Jagger

Rod Stewart

Ringo Starr

Alice Cooper

Johnny Cash

Kate Bush

David Bowie

Elton John

GG Allin

Iggy Pop

Bob Dylan

Freddie Mercury

Janis Joplin

Jimi Hendrix

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