Gwen Stefani on The Tonight Show; Medley From Hell

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Gwen Perfection

Gwen Perfection

I adore Gwen!  My ultimate girl crush she she encompasses fun, sexy, smart and talented in an amazing well kept package.  So shes up and about and ready to solo it again and headed over to Jimmy Fallon to remind you why you love her.

Instead she assembled the most choppy medley of all time.With no flow and the monstrosity Quest Love on drums Gwen on a too small stage with too many dancers served up everything like a turn table needle skipping tune to tune.

Lets take it to the basics.  Her voice is perfection and her whoops and gurgles are as on point as ever but even in her sparkly jacket the medley didn’t grab me as much as you would expect.  Shouting OMG OMG OMG, she ran to “Spark The Fire”  launching into “Rich Girl” and “What You Waiting For?” from 2004’s Love. Angel. Music. Baby. and “Sweet Escape”,  all the while strutting white girl style with her pet Asians.

This being said I love Gwen live and she owns the stage solo or while fronting No Doubt, the production is the problem here, like a bad K-Tel ‘Best of Gwen…” infomercial it didnt give you enough to get stoked, it didn’t serve you the hook to get you engaged.

Best news is shes done with The Voice and back at her music where she should be.  After her fabulous lead at the Global Citizen concert its high time she pack up the kids and get on tour.  It starts in LA and heads East so be prepared for her to show up in your town.  Just leave The Roots behind and claim a bigger stage.

See her glory here


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