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Happy New Year Fools.  Yup, its that time again, all those lame resolutions you'll never carry out a fridge full of healthy shit you'll toss in a week and a week of torture trying to prove it wrong. 

Gave the boss the day off today so you can bask in my favorite tracks this fine day…

1- "Stuck In The Middle", Four Year Strong.  Pissed I missed their holiday show this year.  I also saw a tweet that Mr Dan O'Connor has laryngitis.  Poor fuzzy dude, feel better soon!

2- "Tonight", Pitbull, Neo and a buncha others.  This was totally my song of 2011.  What a fabulous song.  The lyrics are gorgeous the performers vocals play off each other so well.  I really love this song.. tons.

3. "Breaker Breaker" Peter Bjorn and John.  I freaking LOVE this song!!  Its got a cool rockabilly tin to it.  The vocals hit Bob Geldof tone at times.  Simply a happy ditty.

4. "Good Feeling" Flo Rida.  A really dumb song but I think its supposed to be a upbeat thing.  Yeah, I ain't feelin it but I tried, honest I did.

5. "Leggo" Ed Sheeran.  Sorta hear this through the wall.   I have a problem with whisper singers.  Men shouldn't whimper, its unattractive.  I cant understand the buzz on this boy but meh,. to each it's own.

6. "Don't Be Shy", Cat Stevens.  Blame Iman- reminding me of Cat songs zip me back to obsessed.

7. "Sexy Back", Justin Timberlake.  This song is even funnier than the Soup song for Homelessville

8. "The Story In Your Eyes' Moody Blue- I ain't no hippy

9. "Who Killed Bambi", The Sex Pistols.. see! I'm bad ass

10. "Chelsea Smile", Bring Me The Horizon  yeah.. these guys gotta crash and burn soon.


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