H F T 9.4.11

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That's 'Hels Fave Tracks…"

Hey, I am up again telling you what my ears are doing.  Having recently been turned on to Spotify I'm still in my exploration phase.  So much music so much variety.  Since generally Im pretty stuck in a genre its good to stretch it out a bit.  Heres what's going down today

1- Lil Wayne and T Payne  "How To Hate"- scored this off the 'what's new' page. Well after I got done laughing at the lame ass story telling in the intro, and got over the fact that their names rhyme. I dig it- hang in there, it gets tough.

2- Jack Oblivion "I'm Too Old For You", this reminds me of Van Morrison in the beginning,  Yeah this is a bit… twangy

3-Kittie "I've Failed You"- they fucking suck like only girls using a metaphor for pussy can.  One thing is for sure, this band was not assembled for their looks.

4- Lil Kim "Crush On You", what the fuck is everyone 'Lil' for these days cuz I'm tellin ya this broad aint little and this song is lame.

5- Pitbull "Gimme Everything' I could listen to this song like all muthafuckin day…wrrrrrrrd

6 Joe Jackson "Pretty Girls"  love this guy and I love the simplicity of this song.

7- Alesana "Seduction", cuz it wouldn't be my playlist without them

Wow theres some diversity, ay?


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