Hail To The Chief!

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“hes in love with a rock and roll world..” to paraphrase The Clash.  But Iman Lababedi is in love with the musical world.  

Here is a man who can predict ‘the next big thing” years in advance of mere mortals.  Who has guided and strategized with countless musicians offering a brutally honest and insightful wisdom. Iman can rattle the lyrics (though not so much the melody) of any song, for any reason, on any topic… and does so.

A guy who goes to more concerts in a month than some people see in a lifetime.  In the rafters or sitting right on the stage- he absorbs what he hears, dissects it analyzes it and provides commentary that can stir up tons of emotions.

Passionate in his beliefs, in his actions and in his words you will never know a person more forthright, ever.

Armed with keyboard and an arsenal of knowledge Iman has spent decades in the thick of it all.  He has interviewed legends, he has tactfully torn some to shreds.  He has fans he has haters and he has friends who would catch a bullet for him.

He is the epitome of good.  Honest and fair, intelligent and witty, and honestly one of the most awe inspiring men I have ever known.

I’m not alone in my depth of feelings.  The artists of True Groove Records guided by Tomas Doncker created this in honor of Imans 60th birthday.

From the war torn streets of Beirut to the bright lights of New York City Iman has impacted so many people.  Not only with his music critic works but with his heart of gold.

I am proud to be his and I am grateful to Tomas and his crew for creating this gem.

Give it up for Iman Lababedi- superstar
Happy Birthday Boy


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