Halloween Party Playlist

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It's fast approaching Halloween, and that means it's time for Halloween parties! My party playlist this year is a hodgepodge of old and new, much like the people who are attending my get together.
 I'm having friends who love photography, art, sports, etc. over and my eclectic and fun mix of tunes is a representation of that. In order to make sure that everyone can enjoy the music and have a good time, I threw in a little bit of everything. On shuffle, here are the first 10 songs on my "Halloween Par-tay Playlist".

1. "You Make Me Feel" – Cobra Starship  Where did these guys go?  They were the darlings of the scene for awhile and even toured with Beiber

2. "Undercover Martyn" – Two Door Cinema Club  This band has finally earned some respect here in the States. 'Bout time.

3. "Catastrophe"- Four Year Strong  Seriously, what's a party without 'beardcore' ?

4. "This Charming Man"- The Smiths The great thing about Halloween is you can go out tonight even if you havent got a stitch to wear.

5. "Lights"- Ellie Goulding (Bassnectar remix) look, sometime the music isnt just for my benefit, plus its fun to dance to.

6. "Fluorescent Adolescent"- Arctic Monkeys  Great tune from a formerly great band

7. "Reptile"- Skrillex  again there are those among us who have an interesting sense of style.

8. "We Are Young"- fun.  The ultimate in friend songs  Just dont pay attention to all of the lyrics.

9. "Good Time"- Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen  you just hush

10. "Glad You Came"- The Wanted (Dubstep remix)  I love my friends and Halloween is such a great excuse to get up and celebrate while wearing weird clothing soaked in blood.


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