Happy Halloween! 10 Songs To Scare You

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Well its Halloween and in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the Northeast surely cant be begging for Twizzlers. Kids get jipped anyway since parents are so paranoid that their neighbors are going to toss Anthrax in the Pixi Stix- idiots.

So on behalf of all the spooks and ghouls heres some songs that simply send chills down my spine.

1- The Exorcist Theme, Mike Oldfield and The Tubular Bells.  This song is starts in a pitch that makes dogs ears bleed.  Used in thousands of spooky scenarios its synonyms with scary times.  Its also lost its  musical power.  Its a great song.  Annoying and disturbing in a perfect way.

2- This is Halloween, Marilyn Manson  Oh lets face it anything this freak does is scary.  Just waking up is scary in Manson land.

3-"Theme From Psycho" Bernard Herrmann, this song is like a freakin aneurysm in your mind.  Its so fast and so repetitive with massive strings.  Its often overlooked and shouldn't be

4- The Rakes Song, The Decemberists.  So the story goes, a guy gets married and his wife gives birth a bunch of times then dies leaving the man a single dad.  He starts killing off the kids, song is awesome and made me fall in love with this band.  Even more terrifying is how much The Decemberists now suck as compared to the early days.

5- Subway Song, The Cure.  Its not really terrifying to to speak but its disturbing.  You have to include the cure cuz Smith is ooky anyway.  I love his vocals in this as he tells his scary tale. Being followed is horrifying

6- "Leck Mich Im Arsch" Insane Clown Posse (with Jack White) German is the most horror driven language.  There is a gruff and angry tone to it and as idiotic as Insane Clown Posse is, they score a win in the WTF get me out of here category with this one.

7- "The End", Blue October  Justin is a psychopath and should be followed by authorities as he breaks in to his former home to kill his ex wife and her new husband.  "I cocked the pistol pulled the trigger and all I saw was black' jeeeeez

8- 'Boris The Spider", The Who  This song always scared me when I was little 'creepy crawly'  Not so much now- but its for nostalgics sake

9- Witchy Woman, The Eagles.  When I was little this song came on the the radio when my parents were driving me home from trick or treating and I started crying cuz I was scared to death.  No lie, begged my dad to shut it off then started screaming til he did.  Still scares me, but now only because it freakin sucks.

10- Night Moves, Bob Seger  There is no song ever made that can send horror through my veins more than this.  Its as if I am staring into the bowels of the devil himself armed only with a slinky and a can of pork and beans.  Heaven help me

Party on fools


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