Happy St. Morrissey Day

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Here at rock nyc , Morrissey is the patron Saint of everything from Vegan to Virgin and back, the celibate love is like an old term Chris Owens except he WONT sleep with anything that moves. How romantic. How far away from the heat.

So in aid of the day after Valentine's Day, here is a Morrissey setlist but with one understanding, if you wanna send it to your secrect love YOU MUST DO IT ANONYMOUSLY AND THEY MUST NEVER EVER KNOW IT CAME FROM YOU.

You can send it to the Zooey lookalike of your dreams with a note, maybe a heart being burnt to a cinder in a car wreck and not a word, not  glance. You can walk by them in the school gym and smile to yourself safe in the knowledge that nothing is revealed…

1.I Will See You In Far Off Places – His greatest solo song, a one night stand with an Arab boy leaves Morrissey saying goodbye and imagining the boy back home safe, "if the USA doesn't bomb you"

2.The More You Ignore me, The Closer I Get – Self loathing has never been so delirious.

3. There Is A Light Tht Never Goes Out -How preposterously romantic is "to die by your seide, what a heavenly ay to die".

4. You're The One For me, Fatty – I always imagine Stand Laurel singing it to Oliver Hardy.

5.All You Need Is Me – But it is never that simple now, is it?

6. How Soon Is Now? – I have nothing to say about this song that hasn't been said before and better

7. I Want The One I can't have – And a merry Valentines day to all

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