Happy Thanksgiving, Morrissey: Remember Him, Forget His fate

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Morrissey In Europe

Morrissey In Europe

With my fellow editor Helen bach going behind the scene for months now, and her daughter off in college, the Morrissey contingent of rock nyc has been missing in action. And so, while Morrissey has been tearing his way for europe, storming off stage, missing a gig, getting Anna Calvi to open for him, claiming he has cancer, and on and on and on, we’ve resolutely ignored him.

But what the heck, it is Thanksgiving and here is gigwise’s post but I wanan eat some turkey and stop writing:

The incident occured during a gig in Essen, Germany when Morrissey was performing ‘Every Day Is Like A Sunday’ as part of the encore.

After fans invaded the stage, the singer was escorted off by security for safety reasons, cancelling the rest of the gig at The Colliseum Theatre immediately.

Before playing the song, Morrissey told fans “Thank you. I’ve had a really good timeanyway and I’d like to say thank you. In the words of the greatest Germans, ‘Remember me, forget my fate'”.

“This is yet another poor turn of fate on Morrissey’s current European tour, with the singer recently having to cut a gig short in Poland short after a fan hurled abuse from the crowd, prompting the former Smiths frontman to walk off stage.

Morrissey himself is yet to comment on last night’s incident.

Meanwhile, Morrissey returns to perform at London’s O2 Arena on 29 November, and the O2 Arena in Dublin on 1 December. He will be supported by Anna Calvi at both shows

Now that I’ve finished plagiarizing Gigwise, here is the great German he is referring to the late great Klaus Nomi, who I met maybe three times and was very strange and then I saw him with Bowie on SNL and was sick with jealousy.  And the stage attack in Essen (which coulda been a gas…)


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