Have A Very Punk Fathers’ Day With The New EP From Dad Brains

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Dad Brains


Dad Brains? Do you get it? With that logo showing the famous Bad Brains’ lighting bolt coming out of a baby bottle, you will immediately get the joke. There’s a new punk band in town and it’s a funny one, quite appropriate for Fathers’ day.

A four-piece of fathers, all with a punk background, banded together to unleash a very special punk rock for dads, and they have already released their self-titled debut EP just in time for Father’s Day Weekend. And who are these awesome daddies? Ex-members of No Motiv (Vagrant Records), The Missing 23rd (Sessions Records), Creep Division (American hardcore/punk band that featured members of Good Riddance) and The F-ing Wrath.

In 2017, drummer turned singer Patrick Pedraza became a father of a little girl at the ripped age of 40. Soon, all the confused emotions, which come with the new role, skyrocketed at the same time and made the punk rocker realize that it’s not about ‘him’ anymore. However, sleepless nights, baby poop and breast milk in the fridge somehow inspired his new dad brain to write songs and sing in a new band.

He called his old friend and also daddy Matt Kash, and soon, ‘Nardcore scene legend’ and drummer Johnny Boy Crerar as well as bassist Craig Kasamis joined them. With the help of producer Roger Camero (No Motiv, Silver Snakes, The Velvet Teen, The Warriors) they have just recorded their first self-titled EP. It is a fast and straightforward one, truly following the punk tradition, as they ended up with 5 punk rock gems (about the struggles and love of parenting) that totaled less then 10 minutes.

According to the press release, Pat’s young daughter particularly enjoys the song ‘I’m Old’, which is always a good sign when loves comes from such a young mind. However, these songs now need to reach the fathers’ ears across the globe, as a sort of comfort to all the dads out there who need to know they are not alone… as a matter of fact, Dad Brains are committed to release an EP every Fathers’ Day, and they might even put out some Christmas songs.

Nevertheless the short songs are violent-rhythm-injected and punk to the core, they play like a sort of very loud joke-y and loving exercise sent to all the dads with the cinetic energy of the Bad Brains’ lightning bolt. But be reassured, there are no curse words in the songs, as Dad Brains want to set a good example for the little ones.

‘We are dads,… so proud to be, we are dads… don’t mess with me’ shrieks Pedraza in the intro… ‘I’m so hungover but didn’t have a drink and I feel so tired that I can’t even think. I’m so confused and feel stuck inside, I need to get outside…. baby….jail. Baby….jail is this the drunk tank? Baby Jail. I think I need a break’,  he screams during ‘Baby Jail’, in a desperate series of howls over aggressive hardcore-like riffs. ‘Quiet Time’, despite its stop-and-starts, is anything but quiet, and sounds like a cry for help with diapers.

‘We’re all in this together! Let’s be the best parents we can be, the best kids we can be, the best partners we can be, the best people we can be, and know that we sometimes fail, but Dad Brains keep going… Dad Brains lead with love… Love for family and friends, love for the struggle and love for the mosh….We are.. ‘ wrote Dad Brains.

It’s not 1990 anymore and all the punk rockers are old and responsible parents, since all the lyrics revolve about this same idea, the Dad Brains EP is all about the joy of parenting, even if they say it with a lot of screaming.

You can stream the song “‘Baby Jail’ below, and order the EP and Dad Brains merchandize on their Bandcamp page.



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