Have You Seen Lil Kim Lately?

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Today, when Beyonce reigns supreme as the mother of all black women, and poses among other black women celebrating and empowering blackness, we have to ask: why does she look so blonde and light-skin? A picture of a young Beyonce will let you wonder even more. Did she do something beside bleaching her hair?

However, there is no need to wonder when you look at another black female artist… Have you seen Lil’ Kim lately? What happened to her? The rapper posted some pictures of herself on Instagram during the weekend, and she doesn’t look like herself anymore. Sure, she has been through a lot of transformations over the years, but she is now whiter and blonder than I am. She obviously has had a series of Michael Jackson make-overs, nose, eyes, skin and hair, everything looks different, thinner, whiter, blonder, straighter and she got heavily criticized for this new look:


‘his bitch wanna be white so mf bad !’

‘Who are you and what have you done to LIL KIM??’ you can read among many other comments.

Michael Jackson has always denied to have used anything to bleach his skin, but after his death it was reported that huge amount of bleaching creams had been found at his house… but at least he was doing this to mask his skin disorder, he had Vitiligo! Lil’ Kim has no excuse, she is just doing this for aesthetic reasons as many people in Africa do it by the way, the ‘black is beautiful’ slogan is just a wishful thinking and not a reality perceived by women, even in black countries.

I can’t blame all these people criticizing Lil’ Kim, there is a strong contradiction between her new appearance and the black feminist she is supposed to represent. It may look like an obviousness, except to her, but how can she still pretend to embody black empowerment when she does everything to be as white as possible?

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