Head Over Heels A New Musical Hudson Theater Saturday June 30th, 2018

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Lets start off with some questions-

1- what the hell do The Go Go’s have to do with Elizabethan theater?

2- what the hell do The Go Go’s have to do with LGBTQRSTUV Pride?

3-what the hell do LGBTQRSTUV Pride and Elizabethan theater have in common… no wait that does work

Broadways newest musical actually uses ‘A New Musical” in its title..which makes me wonder what will happen if it goes long running- but I don’t think that’s too much of a  worry.  I was baffled as to the storyline prior to seeing the show-  Let’s put it this way despite taking a gander at the shows social media I had no idea what to expect but as a Go Go’s fan how could I resist?  The shows Facebook page gave a glimpse of what to expect, but it was so disjointed I couldn’t quite pin it down..

Here a story of a royal family with 2 daughters one in love with a sheep herder, one in love with another woman oh and an Oracle who throws down (literally) some pretty bad prophecy.  We also have some smoke and a cool sex scene behind a back lit sheet.  That’s about it- other than the odd infusion of Go Go’s tunes.

From the creator of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Avenue Q and Spring Awakening the tolerance/pride theme remains alive and well and beaten to a pulp. If you’re going to go niche market then you may want to push it as such because the tourists in town from Duluth were a little taken aback. After doing a bit of research I discovered that post breakup Go Go’s ended up having a huge Gay following, who knew?!

The Good?  Some cute one liners, some pretty nice costumes and a minimalist set (which I love)  The story line is a bore the acting is corny the theme is over done with a twist of rainbow sherbet so….why did I like it?  Well that’s the mystery.  I can say that it didn’t drag.  A quick pace is never a bad thing.  But the Shakespearean speak got bothersome after awhile and the visuals at times made me think I was watching Shrek and to be honest- I missed Donkey.

The Go Gos tunes peppered in mean nothing- the songs could have been by anyone.  Half the time they don’t even fit in to the scene and honestly are a bit awkward- but it works. Perhaps the intent is to make you endlessly try to determine what odd mind map tied the theme and soundtrack together. When the song “Lust To Love” got stage time my brow was so furrowed I think I need Botox.

Slowing down bubblegum new wave is never a good thing. Operatic voices singing bubblegum new wave is just obnoxious. But ah, this is theater and because of that it lends a familiarity that keeps the boomers engaged yet unable to sing along.

This is every High School theater clubs new rave fave. Drag star Peppermint as the Oracle proves that just because your famous doesnt mean you can act.  One of the most crucial roles was made disposable simply because she seemed to be reading cue cards.  I say reduce that character and add more men dressed as sheep.

Grade: LGBTQ


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