Hear ye On Spotify: what rock nyc is listening to 10-13-13

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Vatican Approved

1. Pop’s Love Suicide – Stone Temple Pikots – If it was easy to write glam grunge pop masterpieces like this, why has nobody, definitely including STP, been able to replicate it – A

2. Judas Kiss – Eric Ambel – The highlight of the Del Lords terrific concert was first recorded for an Ambel solo album – A

3. Adore You – Miley Cyrus – Lovely opening track from her current album – B

4. Triumph Of Integration – Of Montreal – Good indie pop goes haywire – B+

5.  Come With Me – Echoshare – Lovely song on an album with its own fair share – B+

6. Nosetalgia – Pusha T – I trashed this a couple of days ago, but this troubled rechercez of deals gone bad is very strong stuff – B+

7. Kush Coma – Danny Brown (feat A$AP Rocky and Zelooperz) – Outta control bad high on an album that is really great, maybe better than I though – A-

8. Dismissed With A Kiss – Spanking Charlene – I see what’s missing… the fans! The chorus belongs to us!!! – B+

9. One Of These Nights – The Eagles – Look, all they had was the Blue Greatest hits and a handful of songs (which doesn’t include the Warren Zevon rip off “Hotel California”) … this is off the blue album – A

10. Float On – Danny Brown (featuring Charlie XCX) – Yeah, this is that good. This guy is big time and the Charlie chorus is real good – A-

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