Hear Ye On Spotify: what rock nyc is listening to 11-14-13

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bad boy, bad boy, watcha gonna do?

1. All Bad – Justin Bieber – I realize it is easier, and maybe more rational, to hate this guy than to like him, but of the five songs he has released so far from his upcoming album, only one is a complete dog, and this one is a specific bruised new r&b song of the first order and a refutation of his new born reputation: “I ain’t all bad” he claims, and I buy it – B+

2. Seeds – Gross Ghost – Fuzzed out bliss from Odessa Records – B+

3. Loved Me back To Life – Celine Dion – Dramatic enough but the song ain’t there – C

4. Dope – Lady Gaga – I dunno what the world’s problem with the new Stefani is, perhaps “Swine” is so bad it is putting them off, whatever, this is a better ballad than Born This Way managed – B+

5. The Legendary DJ Screw – Bun B – he wants to have his old school beat box and scratching and his modern dubby drums – B

6. Cold World – Mellowhigh – One of two great songs on the new album – B+

7. Groundhog Day – Eminem – This guy is sure getting a little tiresome, but only a little as his timing here is on a whole other level – B

8. I’ll Take You There – David Bowie – No not there there, but if you don’t think this is informed by Stax, you’re wrong. It’s like a remix that became a new song – B+

9. I’ll Take You There – The Staple Sisters – The real thig here – A

10. Joan Of Arc – Arcade Fire – Doesn’t work for me – C

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