Hear Ye: what rock nyc is listening to 8-3-13

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the way of the finger


















1. Mama Said Knock You Out – Five Finger Death Punch – This is as much aggro as the world can possibly manage: it is so brittle you can’t help but worry it might snap – A

2. Come & Get It – Selena Gomez – Another Disney starlet comes of age, and like many a one before her, not bad at all though not great – B+

3. Attracting Flies – Alunageorge – Really fantastic putdown song by EDM duo  – A

4. This Is How We Do It – Alunageorge – If these guys are any good live,they are gonna give Icona Pop a run for their money for best group or duo of 2013 – A

5. Best Song Ever – One Direction – The kick against this song is it is too catchy.  And they may have a point – B+

6. Not So Much To Love As to Be Loved – Jonathan Richman – Title track off his 2004 opus, is so off kilter it seems to be slipping from view – B

7. Cruisin’ –  D’Angelo – Wonder what Smokey made of this? I assumed he loved it – A

8. On Sight – Kanye West –Not selling? How much does he not give a fuck – A

9. Memories Of Misery – Hawthorne heights – aren’t these punks meant to be hot stuff? Well, they aren’t – C-

10. Impossible Germany –  Wilco – Sure it sucks, but try the live version – C

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