Helen and Magpie, Review The Lorax (sorta)

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Magpie: I went to go and see Dr. Suess' The Lorax this weekend.  Honestly, I was completely blown away.  From a photographer's standpoint, the perspective and artistry was incredible.  On the other hand, the characters were lovable and adorable, and many scenes are bound to become rides in Suess Landing in Universal Studios.

The Lorax is the story of a boy named Ted who lives in an artificially created village. In his pursuit of a real tree  to impress the girl of his dreams, he discovers how trees had been destroyed and the enviroment destroyed for the sake of business. The Lorax is Dr Seuss' story of how ted began healing the land.

Since The Lorax is my favourite Dr. Suess story, I can say that I wouldn't do a single thing to change the film.  It not only told the story and got the point across, but it was also chock full of catchy tunes, intriguing quotes, and you really get sucked into the tale.  The musical numbers were absolutely phenomenal especially the ironic and painfully true "How Bad Can I Be?".  I shed a tear or two during the final tune where all the townspeople sing "Let It Grow"; it struck a chord and was one of the best messages that is not only important, but it has to be heard.
I give this film 5 out of 5 stars.

Hel: my hope is that at least one person walks out of this film and 'gets it'.  There is a nice trend going on that has adult themes being pushed by fluffy movies.  Wall.E was not a children's film but it got enough whippersnappers out demanding to see it, and parents have to go to..so…message delivered.

The point is greed.  The song "How Bad Can I Be", pretty much somes it up.  If there is reward then it offsets the harm right?  Greed in business destroys the land of happy animals and no one cares.  We can buy air we can buy trees we can manufacture anything.  But in the end there is a price to pay.

"Let It Grow (Celebrate The World)", by Ester Dean is the closing tune and hopefully the hook that gets you to carry the hopefullness with you after you drop off your 3D glasses.  Oh, and if you have the option of IMAX in your theater spring the extra bucks. It's huge and its worth every penny of it.  The film was created for that format and it  really packs a wallop.


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