Here It Comes, The Jimi Hendrix Biopic "All is By My Side"

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fro-body knows the trouble I’ve seen














Hey first of all who invented the word biopic?  Sounds like a scientific term uses in a spooky laboratory.  In this case it may actually be a scary movie as we venture into the life and times of Jimi Hendrix.  From my brief study Hendrix was a genuine cool guy.  A genius guitarist and a fantastic performer.

This is the film that had more drama behind its filming than it could possibly have on the screen and for the longest time I don’t think anyone thought it would make it to a theater.  But alas, it will at the Toronto International Film Festival, which is set to run from Sept. 5 through Sept.   15.  At present there is no indication of US showings but I do think we will see some art house dates.

Whats odd?  The predictable choice of actors to portray Jimi, Lenny Kravitz bailed out and was replaced by Mr. ‘Hey Ya’, Andre 3000 Benjamin. To refresh your memory Andre 3000 may be best known for his work with Outkast and the hit tune about shaking a Polaroid picture.  Now he’s going to convince us he is Jimi Hendrix.  It just may work.

More of the cast includes actresses Imogen Poots and Hayley Atwell, playing Hendrix’s girlfriends Linda Keith and Kathy Etchingham, respectively. John Ridley (Three Kings, The Wanda Sykes Show) wrote and directed the documentary.  I have never heard of any of them- but then again, neither have you.  More dates to follow, I’m sure.  Stay tuned.


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