Here's To Summer!

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 Since I'm officially on holiday for summer, that means a lot of road tripping about and parties to attend. Here are the top ten songs for any fun event this summer:

1.  "Walking The Dog"- fun.  This tune is so catchy.  I love the beat and how fun it is to listen to.  It's an awesome song to have on any playlist, simply because it just makes you want to dance.

2.  "You Make My Dreams"- Hall & Oats.  I honestly cannot express my immense love for this song.  I just makes me want to flail about really stupidly in my room singing the lyrics super loud and smiling like an idiot.

3.  "Houdini"- Foster The People.  This tune is a perfect party song because the beat is so unique and addictive.  It's universal, and no matter what music you listen to, pretty much everyone can appreciate this tune.

4.  "Call Me Maybe" (cover)- fun.  It's silly and stupid enough for everyone to sing along to and just act like they only like this song because of the cover.

5.  "Hello, I Love You"- The Doors.  What's better than this classic crowd-pleaser to totally brighten your mood?

6.  "Girl, You Shoulda Been A Drummer"- William Beckett.  Rest assured, no one can sit still while listening to this song.

7.  "Hate Everyone"- Say Anything.  There's something about intense teen angst that brings people together.  It's easy to imagine people jumping around and dancing to this song, and that's nearly always the case.

8.  "Run and Don't Stop"- The Rocket Summer.  The Rocket Summer always puts smiles on people's faces.

9.  "All The Pretty Girls"- fun.  Singing extraordinarily loud with your best friends reaches an even better feeling when it's to this absolutely perfect tune.

10.  "Wasting Time"- Four Year Strong.  No way can anyone say that they don't love this song.

Happy summer!


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