HFT 8/22/11

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Hels fave tracks today..hell yes cuz when the mouse is away the cats will play.

1- Kurt Vile "Jesus Fever", There some sort of gross trucker sounding mumble to this thing that just fascinates me.

2- Mr. Spoon, "The Howling Tree", not in love with this band yet?  Hurry up.

3- A Day To Remember, "Have Faith in Me"

4- Panic! At The Disco- Folkin' Around", – Simply said I want the Young Veins back.

5- Blue October- "Sound of Pulling Heaven Down", still want to show you just how fascinating kissing is

6- Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers "Lets Call The Whole Thing Off", funny how word pronunciation can be so tricky…<3

7-Gene Kelly and Donald O' Connor "Fit As A Fiddle and Ready For Love", from Singin' In The Rain, everyone get healthy! ha cha cha!

8- Marilyn Mansonc "Cake and Sodomy", this song scares the hell out of me- I love it

Happy Monday!

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