HFT 9.7.11

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News I never wanted to hear came to me yesterday and since then I have been stuck in the mid 80's with power flash strobe memory slideshows enough to make you puke a rib. 

Those were the best of times and those were the worse of times

Time that changed me forever.  Heres where my ears are:

1- Fear "I Don't Care About You", this song was an anthem that I never meant (but wish I could)

2- Minor Threat "Straight Edge", I decided in those filthy covered moments that straight edge was the way to go- best lyrics I'm a person just like you
But I've got better things to do.  Than sit around and f**k my head" 
  Safer too.

3- Black Flag "Fix Me", 58 seconds of therapy.

4- 7 Seconds "Sink With California", The sunny West Coast was never good to me.

5- Dead Kennedys " Holiday In Cambodia", Thank you Jello Biafra….thank you always

6- Germs "What We Do Is Secret"

7- Jack Tragic and The Unfortunates "I Kill Hippies", thank you to Jack,  Dee and Dave for hauling me out of A7 and to Peter for driving my pathetic ass to safety.

8-White Pigs "White Pigs"- Brian grew up but never changed…that's a good thing

9- X   "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline" there was this black jacket and this biker boot and if you positioned them in a hotel window…

10- Husker Du "New Day Rising" and then the world ended.

11- Paul Simon "Graceland", it took the King to save me.


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