“Holy Commotion”, The Pretenders Reviewed

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Its 1983 again!  The Pretenders are back with a synthy danceable tune that reminds me of Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark for some reason.  But what makes this a gem? An upbeat vibe we haven’t heard from her in awhile.

Chrissie Hynde a day after her 65th birthday releases this little single from the forthcoming album “Alone”.  The big news is its produced by Black Keys dude Dan Aurbach, but honestly who cares about that?  Far as I can tell its just to bring The Pretenders more current and I do think they can achieve that on their own,  but hey if it gets some additional press for this- fair enough.

Back to the tune.  With a poppy dance drum beat and trickled in keyboards youd expect anyone but the sultry voiced Hynde.  Yeah it reeks of new wave nostalgia and dare I say a happy lilt in the vocals.  It’s a nice step over from the bluesy direction her solo work was going in.  This song makes me all the more excited to see the band in November. 

After a disappointiong solo show in support of her album Stockholm, its as if she got hit with the reality stick.  This is what your aging and fiercely loyal fans need.  Bubblegum with a shot of whiskey.  God her voice is gorgeous.  Never mind that so is she. 

The Pretenders are back for a visit and I don’t expect them around for long.  The album is set to be released on October 21st.  So jot that shit down and love “Holy Commotion” until then

Get tickets to see them with Stevie Nicks..yeah.. yeah I know.

Go Chrissie.. welcome back ol’ gal.



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