Holy Hell, Die Antwoord!!

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"I think your're freaky and I like you alot"….If something is creepy and or disturbing on a psychological level, Im  gonna like it.

I’m not sure what in my chemistry makes me appreciate freak like spookiness yet be unable to watch a horror film.  What I can do is take metered doses of music videos and process them.  I think it may be the beat. 

Enter Die Antwoord.  A dumb name for a rap band who I at first thought was some German techno thing- who’d have thought they’d be a  South African hip hop thang? 

Now cop a gander at this video teaser for their new album.. makes Marilyn Manson look like The Disney Chanel.  So these folk are no newbie to shocking.  They consider themselves to be a rap crew/art project.  Ahh, you can smell the hipster in the air!  But I cant even pick on them too much cuz this thing creeped the bejeezuz out of me. 

The album Likely to be Not Safe For Work. Ten$ion will be released on February 7. 

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