"Homophobia And Discrimination Is Not Punk Rock": DOMA is Down and Freedom on the Rise

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So, in my birth year of good ol’ ’96, the federal government was prevented from recognizing same-sex unions and therefore, same-sex couples did not have equal benefits as heterosexual couples.  However, that has changed.

After 16 years, in a vote of 5-4, the Defense of Marriage Act, better known as DOMA, was deemed “unconstitutional” and a violation of the fifth amendment.  Can I get a heck yeah?!

THEN, in another ruling of 5-4, California once again allows same-sex marriage.

Many musicians have responded to this event, and equality in general.  Here are some of the best:

Fun.: “Today is a day in which all of us who have stood on the right side of history should feel great pride. It is also a day for those who have not supported equality to witness great positive change and realize that it is never too late to be a part of the future. No matter your gender, sexual orientation, race, religion etc etc – there is no limit to what can be accomplished when we all function as allies to each other. Truly a historic day in America. – Jack”

Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It.: “Punk rock is built on a foundation of tolerance and understanding regardless of color, creed or interests. This is not limited to sexual or religious orientation. It’s a place where individuals should be accepted for who they are when they (in most cases) cannot be accepted by popular culture.”

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy: “Such good news to wake up to #DOMAisdead #prop8gone proud to be here to witness this.  Love should never be legislated against.”

And, as Riot Fest tweeted, “Homophobia and discrimination is not punk rock.”  You got that right.  For years, a massive amount of musicians have supported equality, and that has continued to create an impact in those who are the future.

Peace and Love to all.



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