How Do You Get Great Seats To Your Favorite Musicians? You Don’t

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There is this daydream going around that if you join a fanclub and get an early crack at tickets to a favorite band you will get good seats. Maybe, maybe maybe you will get good seats. You won’t get great seats. Go on, pay U2 $50 and join their fanclub, it won’t help unless you’re going general Admission SRO. If you are going on line and picking up the best SEATS you can, you will end up paying $200 to sit at the opposite side of the stage. It will be a terrible seat. Pony up $600 for a silver VIP. See  how much a poster helps you.

Not just U2, anyone, anyone at all: the seat will suck.

There is only one way left to get a great street and it is simple: pay top dollar to a ticket broker and then you’ll get it, otherwise, it is almost (not quite) impossible. People do win the lottery but that’s what it is like, you are slipping one past the goal lines. I did so once with Adele, and once with the Stones, though the Stones ticket was nearly a grand any way so… but as a rule of thumb good tickets are not available. My Adele seats were so good that I had to sell them, the profit margin was too large

So now you’ve wasted your time and energy on the Joshua Tree, don’t forget your binoculars.



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