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Screw Spotify













This morning I weakened and bough a copy of The National’s Trouble Will Find Me off ITunes.

I am not a huge National fan, if I were I would have bought it on Tuesday when it was released, the same way I did with Vampire Weekend. Tuesday is new music day and there is so much on Spotify I won’t usually buy much off Itunes. If Spotify don’t have the new T.I. I’ll pass for now.

But some albums are too important. Vampire Weekend, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, the National –if you are running a music website you HAVE TO BUY THEM. You have no choice but to pony up the dough.  And all four of these albums were worth buying. A quick check list in order of preference:

Red – Taylor Swift – A

Modern Vampires Of The City – Vampire Weekend – A-

Unapologetic – Rihanna – A-

Trouble Will find Me – The National.

I bought the National for rock nyc but I am listening to it for me. It is like radiohead without the techno meets U2 without the bombast. Sounds good, right? It actually continued a change in my opinion that began with the “Bloodbuzz Ohio” single in 2010 but fell apart when the last album dragged me.

But the newbie is pretty good stuff, good enough when I just bought a tix to see em at Barclay Center June 5th!

Which leads me back to buying albums on ITunes. I get the feeling Spotify and ITunes are in cahoots to keep me guessing as to whether Spotify will ever get the album. They still don’t have Taylor but Justin and Bowie? They kept us waiting a couple of days –long enough for me to invest in the download.

And it is a long way from the $150 plus I was spending on music every Tuesday to $10 but still, why spend ten bucks if I don’t have to.

And so it goes, every week we listen to the top releases and every week we buy what we missed.


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