I Spent The Day In Bed With Morrissey

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What the hell is that space twitter Moz?  I won’t lie, I heard “I Spent the day In Bed”  and cringed.  I thought it would be one those emo depressing bull crap things the populace claims is Morrissey’s shtick.


Once again Moz uses his music to convey an accurate and cognitive thought.  There seems to be a bit of filler- much in the same way “Kick the Bride down the Aisle” had a lot of nonsense surrounding a great topic.  Trying to reach the 3 minute mark perhaps?

I’d hate to think Morrissey has come to the point when his words can’t fill a 3 minute slot but perhaps it’s just weak writing.  The music itself is that now famous non-descript genre of danceable storytelling.  Lounge act with an edge but perfectly lounge worthy.  The music in World Peace Is None of Your Business did the same.  Just back up fuzz for the words being said.  Great words mind you, in a perfect voice but bland. The addition of this spacy moogy nonsense on “Bed” is just silly and almost seems dated- was that the intent?

It is impossible for me to say anything bad about Morrissey.  When you have a performer tattooed not once but twice on your skin they’re no longer up for debate they’re family- and like the eccentric Uncle you love them no matter what they do. 

Here’s the deal you tormented.. Morrissey is the Godfather of miserable.  Everything is wrong, the world is completely in chaos, you can’t trust anyone and know what?  He’s right.

Luckily Moz spends the day in bed on (vegan) silk sheets with someone bringing him gin and tonics and massaging his temples but regardless this one has some quotable line for all the little people out there …

“Stop watching the news, because the news contrives to frighten you”

“I love my bed”

I mean really who doesn’t.  If you pay attention to social media you’ll see Moz has an official Twitter now- best part is watching the fans cling to the Morrissey in bed bit while the topic clearly goes right over their heads.  Trust me- Moz wants none of you in his bed (what is it with 17 year old girls lust for daddy anyway?) 

This is the first single from the Nov 17th anticipated release of “Low in High School”, that title will get the Forever 21’rs fired up for sure.  Didn’t he throw himself down the University stairs on his last album.. hmm I see a pattern here.. University, High School… hmmm coddling your demographic Moz-a-roo nice job!

The song is great- a tour with the Russian roulette of cancellations looms on the horizon- and Im a happily miserable girl.



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